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    • Gold Man by Amouage

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Excellent (4.6/5). Powerful, indolic, animalic and not for the timid. Guy Robert approached his assignment to create the first Amouage men's fragrance by throwing the "how to make a successful mid-1970s to mid-1980s fragrance" han...More

    • Ferrari Cuvée Extra Rich Eau de Toilette by Ferrari

      by PStoller

      Per Marand75’s review: “Woody, warm resinous, balsamic, damp green, aromatic with moss, citrus, tobacco and leather. Pretty damn smokin'.” Which IS really my thing. I haven’t tried the extra dry, but it’s not as if the extra rich is sweet or aquatic,...More

    • Jicky Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Very Good (3.75/5). History in a bottle. If it works with you body chemistry, it is simply grand. SAMPLE FIRST! As so many of the comments here attest, this grand old classic doesn't work for everyone. The civet, which must be synthetic ...More

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