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    • Concerto by Fragonard

      by speedracer

      Light, floral metallic scent. Clean and crisp, but sorta has an air freshener vibe. I've never smelled this before but it smells very familiar. I think it's similarities that it shares with Ck One and Azzaro Chrome....More

    • Armani Privé Figuier Eden by Giorgio Armani

      by Wingie

      I get very little fig, and more of a dry, grassy, herbaceous fragrance that leans quite masculine. I gave my sample to my spouse it it smells great on him....More

    • Devin by Aramis

      by hirch_duckfinder

      I can’t believe I missed this amazing classic green scent for so long. Profoundly green with a chypre undertone, a super warm, sunny-meadow heart, with thickness of jasmine and honey and yet not sweet. Just a little woody sharpness for structure an...More

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