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    • Gentlemen's Cologne by Castle Forbes

      by rum

      Gentlemen's Cologne is arguably the signature scent in the not-very-well-known Castle Forbes range, along with 1445 perhaps. The opening is easily one of the most breathtaking there is and it is just so simple. The combination of the three "L...More

    • Zara Emotions : Amalfi Sunray by Zara

      by speedracer

      Starts off with a green and tart neroli scent. Very fresh and clean, but in that classic cologne style. Has a slight bit of candied sweetness and some soapiness as it dries down. Reminds me very much of a 4711 or Neroli Portofino scent. Projectio...More

    • Joop! Jump by Joop!

      by SirScent

      Why the heck would anyone want to smell like synthetic chemical hairspray? I purchased Joop Jump blindly based upon the reviews here. A unisex, synthetic cloying bomb. Ugh. ...More

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