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    • Centuries Almond Eau de Toilette by Caswell-Massey

      by Brooks Otterlake

      A very "classic," in that distinctly straightforward Caswell-Massey way, fragrance, offering a comforting, unsexy, airy take on almond that nicely balances the intrinsically gourmand elements of the note with a powdery saltiness. Blended...More

    • Ferrari Red Power by Ferrari

      by Darvant

      Really warm, classic, piquant and masculine. Dry down: pungent citrus, "sweaty smell of man" (warm, dry, kind of organic), pepper (in huge amount) and warm synth musky virile ambergris. One of the most masculine scents I know....More

    • Warm Black by Zara

      by speedracer

      Warm Black smells like cinnamon and boozy vanilla, like you added Fireball to your Vanilla Coke. The direct comparison is to Tobacco Vanille and it's pretty close. I don't think it smells cheap at all but that's just me. One difference that I get i...More

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