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    • Amaranthine by Penhaligon's

      by rbaker

      The opening is an intriguing mix of banana leaves, white freesias, coriander and cardamom, and unroasted green tea. Theses ingredients combine to a rather unique herbal spice impression, which makes for an unexpected start. A floral potpourri cha...More

    • Lenthéric 12 by Lenthéric

      by PStoller

      Lenthéric 12 is a fruity chypre, with a rich, dark, smoky base that features a tobacco-like vetiver and, of course, oakmoss. The fruit is not overly sweet, but rather provides body and balance. It was marketed as a feminine in the 1960s, but there’s ...More

    • Muguet D'Orsay by D'Orsay

      by PStoller

      A sweet, aldehydeic but not cloying floral, neither indolic like jasmine nor piercing like tuberose, but rather sitting somewhere between the two. It seems at once light in tone and heavy (or humid) in texture. It would be somewhat disingenuous to ca...More

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