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    • Armani Privé Myrrhe Impériale by Giorgio Armani

      by scenting prey

      Myrrh Imperiale never seemed to pull together as a whole. There’s something low in the background piping out maple or pollen. ...More

    • Concerto by Fragonard

      by speedracer

      Light, soapy, floral-metallic scent. Clean and crisp, but sorta has an air freshener vibe. I've never smelled Concerto previously but it smells very familiar. I think it is the similarities that it shares with Ck One and Azzaro Chrome. But it's als...More

    • Pas Ce Soir by BDK Parfums

      by scenting prey

      Candy and musk. Not really my thing though I would say the quality is telling. Excellent strength, projection, and longevity with no harsh qualities that I can detect. Good for a younger crowd perhaps?...More

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