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    • Ormonde Elixir by Ormonde Jayne

      by notspendingamillion

      Balanced It opens with a tad bit of oud to open up. I've only tried Ormonde Man, and not Woman, but this definitely smells the same as that, if you have tried it. They are the same fragrance, but tweaked. Man is a bit more pine smelling, and E...More

    • Anthology for Men by Panouge

      by rbaker

      Fruit with lavender and basil - this is the first impression. And citrus cluster - Meyer lemon, lime, mandarin and then some orange that are all a touch sweet - with an undertone of ripe pineapples. A discreet herbal undertone, mainly basil and whif...More

    • Greenley by Parfums de Marly

      by Zealot Crusader

      There was so much drama surrounding the name of this Parfums de Marly fragrance that I almost forgot there was even a fragrance underneath all the drama in the first place. In typical Miranda Priestly fashion (The Devil Wears Prada), self-important c...More

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