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    • Bee by Zoologist Perfumes

      by Rick58 & Beth62

      Reading reviews of Bee, both here and the other site which shall remain nameless, the only thing that’s consistent is how wildly inconsistent everyone’s impressions are. First off, Zoologist Perfume sprayers are the very best I’ve seen. A micro...More

    • Iris Torréfié by Guerlain

      by rogalal

      This starts off a LOT like Dior Homme. Perhaps Torréfié is a little more sparkly and has coffee instead of chocolate, but there's no denying the influence. It's that mix of iris, violet, and chalky ambrette seed warmed with vanilla and suede, while...More

    • Open Black by Roger & Gallet

      by The Cologne Cabinet

      Whomever claims time travel hasn't been invented has yet to experience the glorious new vintage of "OPEN Black". Released the same year as well behaved clubbers Eros and Invictus (2013), this one flaunts a flagrant middle finger right i...More

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