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    • The Fragrance Journals : 1962 by Floris

      by Brooks Otterlake

      I have come to find Floris one of the most consistent and capable houses in operation today. Their distinctive Britishness, which eschews any grandiose theatricality, as well as limited international distribution, tends to result in a lack of "h...More

    • Aoud Roses Petals by Montale

      by rbaker

      For a change a name that fits: a rose greenery me in the first moments indeed, a slightly dark and smooth rose petal with no stems or leaves. It is mixed with a wood impression, mainly cedar as well a the oud. This is a pleasant out, soft, not shar...More

    • Ta by O'Driù

      by drseid

      Ta eschews distinct top notes, instead opening at its early heart with a slightly sweet, strawberry infused melon fruit accord that gradually folds in supporting woody vetiver, relatively sanitized tuberose and powdery oakmoss rising from the base. ...More

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