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    • Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Pretty Dirty Shitty Purty Eau d'Her Mès she Set yer Nez free Classy Freshie Brassy Fleshy Saddle Subtle Buttly Scuttle Jekyll Hydin' Carriage Ridin' Mary Wanna Polly Gonna Terre d's Mama's Merdous Dramas Spra...More

    • Chamarré by Mona di Orio

      by aquila_2009

      Imagine a strand of graduated pink-lavender pearls softly shimmering against bare skin. fresh washed hair in a chignon, rose gold thin hoop earrings and minimal makeup.a touch of rose lipstick,and mascara.polished nails.versatile enough to pair wit...More

    • Sidi Bel-Abbès by Serge Lutens

      by rbaker

      The opening 1s a combination of bees wax, cumin and tobacco. The first few notes a quite clear-cut, with the cumin being restrained with a gently spicy character. The tobacco develops a bit slower, resulting in an aroma that is somewhere between an...More

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