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    • Divine Vanille by Essential Parfums

      by speedracer

      This feels like a softer Spicebomb with the vanilla and cinnamon being smooth and subtle. This is more of the floral/potpourri vanilla+cinnamon smell than the pure foodie vanilla+cinnamon. There is some tonka listed in the notes, which usually that...More

    • Crystal Aoud by Montale

      by rbaker

      Whilst there is a touch of oud in the opening, a fruity component - melon and green apple add a pleasant fruity aroma, which is augmented by a tangerine note with whiffs of sweet oranges. The wood notes added a bit later include teakwood and a touch...More

    • Opulentas by Navitus Parfums

      by Zealot Crusader

      Okay, so this is a weird one. Opulentas by Navitus Parfums (2020) is part of a second series using the fake Roja Dove bottle designs, and thus part of the portfolio controlled by Steven from YouTube Channel Redolessence, and delivers a "designer...More

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