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    • Symbole by Dana

      by Wild Gardener

      Orange flower, syrup, sawdust and musk. Draw your own conclusions, I’m off to watch paint dry....More

    • Touch by Tous

      by aquila_2009

      Like a sheer,watercolor silk scarf,gauzy and floating.i love the simplicity and elegance of this perfume.It smells fresher in the beginning and it goes sweeter and sweeter till the end when it smells sweet raspberry.It reminds me of the way the ear...More

    • Rouge Smoking by BDK Parfums

      by ClockworkAlice

      It's very tasty, sweet and cozy. Lots of cashmeran which I totally enjoy, and some cherry jam on top. Maybe a hint of cherry tobacco (or maybe I'm just imagining it), also some almond, saffron and sweet woods, too. It's a gourmand, but not a too swee...More

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