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    • Zara Emotions : Bohemian Bluebells by Zara

      by speedracer

      Very light and floral. A little woody sweetness is there. The stinky white florals are subdued. Very feminine and pleasant without having the mature (old lady) smell. This is nice and enjoyable from start to finish. Not unisex, leans heavily fem ...More

    • Zara Emotions : Fleur de Patchouli by Zara

      by speedracer

      The opening is a light, floral sweetness. The patch that is there in the opening is very light, with no headshop vibe. Very feminine to me. As it dries down, this is tougher to like as it becomes harsher, less sweet. Might be the patch finally co...More

    • Winter Light by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume


      A very subdued and not in your face charmer for the outdoors lover. This is truly a Hikers scent. Wonderfully composed weaved by Teone's magic blending skills. The Juniper, Fir, Cypress are all dominating the proceedings with Bergamot, Sage and Frank...More

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