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    • British Leather by Dunhill

      by Oviatt

      Dunhill’s British Leather, a part of their Signature Collection, has three simple notes with bergamot as the top note which seems to be a theme for this line even though all four are by different perfumers (in this case, Pierre Negrin). I do not ge...More

    • Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone

      by rbaker

      Whilst the heliotrope is in the foreground initially, I soon get quite a bit of the mimosa, although it never is really impressive. The floral opening is a light affair. The heat notes are a somewhat nonspecific rose that is spiced up with just ...More

    • Indian Sandalwood by Dunhill

      by Oviatt

      Indian Sandalwood is one of the pillars of Dunhill’s latest luxury Signature Collection line and they pulled in none other than Carlos Benaim to bring this to life. The old school legacy of Dunhill fits nicely with this last days of the Raj Indian-i...More

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