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    • Perfume Calligraphy Rose by Aramis

      by scenting prey

      Strong resin and roses. It’s pleasant, reminiscent somewhat of Estes Lauder Amber Mystique with much less pencil shavings. Here’s a reminder for me why I tread mainly in the Top 40 Hits of niche perfumery Roja/MFK/Dipthyque/Ormonde Jayne with a hea...More

    • Aqua Velva Musk by Williams

      by The Cologne Cabinet

      Aqua Velva Musk Aftershave - 1975 wants your face back. For $6 bucks you could do much worse as this one behaves as a cologne with a splashdown of spicy, leathery, muskyness clocking in at around 2 hours. I personally prefer Jovan,...More

    • Cadavre Exquis by Bruno Fazzolari

      by Griff

      You know that time you bought a fragrance blind and spritzed it and fell immediately in love? That moment when you realize that someone somewhere knew exactly what formula would make you swoon and salivate all at once? That. That's the experience...More

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