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    • Cool Water : The Coolest Edition by Davidoff

      by The_Cologneist

      The best part about this fragrance is the really cool presentation. The bottle has a cool paint color with sort of a pearlessence blue, it stands out from all the bottles in my collection. Unfortunately though, it won't be put out on the shelf, i...More

    • Krizia Uomo by Krizia

      by purecaramel

      Getting past the opening of Pine Air Freshener is a bit of torment, however you will be met by a sharp blast of floralcy not that far from Oscar de la Renta pour Homme. The Base eases in with a Vetiver Oakmoss and Ambery Powder with pokes of Juniper ...More

    • Gomma by Etro

      by purecaramel

      I would say that this comes off as a 70's 80's Cuir de Russie EDC without the animalic. I'm with Starblind on this. A spritz of this and a tiny dot of Natural Civet approximates. I don't quite get the association with the whip snap cleanliness of Kn...More

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