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    • Myrrh & Bean by Jenny Glow

      by belleotero

      Intense, rather synthetic tonka and hazelnut together with sweet licorice-anise notes which must be the artemisia. No distinctive lavender, almond or myrrh to my nose, but a generalized resin seems to be in there somewhere beside the tonka. This is ...More

    • Invictus Victory by Paco Rabanne

      by speedracer

      The opening is super-sweet, bubblegum-infused, and synthetically loud. It stays that way for 2-3 hours. After it settles, it's a pleasant axe/lynx vanilla-amber that's nothing new, but still very pleasant and compliment-worthy. I'm sure this is ...More

    • Patchouli Eau de Parfum by Molinard

      by belleotero

      What can I say that Ed Wardian hasn’t already? This is a wonderful, subtle, complex scent, neither overtly masculine nor feminine. I get dry, slightly powdery vanilla on the opening, then quite a quick shift to a briefly loud/obvious (relative to the...More

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