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    • Sequoia by Abbott

      by speedracer

      Dry, sandalwood, Javanol scent in the opening. As it dries down, it becomes more natural, green and weathered. Reminds me of an old log cabin or old wooden house. More and more into the cedar notes as it dries down, becoming slightly sweeter and cle...More

    • Le Lion de Chanel by Chanel

      by Zealot Crusader

      It seems that new house perfumer Olivier Polge wanted to do something quite bold and anachronistic with the Les Exclusifs range when he created Le Lion de Chanel (2020), an oriental leather chypre hybrid that was initially exclusive to the Middle Eas...More

    • Costa Azzurra (new) by Tom Ford

      by Zealot Crusader

      Okay Tom Ford, I see you over there with the 50 pages worth of listed notes, but what is actually in Tom Ford Costa Azzurra (2021)? For starters, this is a retooling of the Private Blend iteration of Tom Ford Costa Azzura (2014) and re-release into t...More

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