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    • Uomo Signature by Salvatore Ferragamo

      by The Cologne Cabinet

      Uomo "Signature" EDP - UH OH, get your earplugs as the opening is quite synthetically loud!! Fortunately, after about 10 minutes it settles down into a pleasantly sweet leather, patchouli and coffee accord which is well blended. If yo...More

    • This is not a Pipe by Demeter Fragrance Library

      by The Cologne Cabinet

      Demeter "This is not a Pipe" - Difficult not to like this one if you are a tobacco enthusiast. A one not samba of mildly sweet pipe tobacco straight out of the pouch. Lasts for a few hours exactly as expected. Light 'em up! 3 stars....More

    • America by Perry Ellis

      by speedracer

      I was only able to test this at the store, no good price on samples yet that I've found, so this review is only about the first impression on skin while walking around shopping. This is a decent and enjoyable Aventus clone, in the style of Explore...More

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