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    • Mandarine Mandarin by Serge Lutens

      by rbaker

      The initial citrus is a combination of orange (peel and flesh) with sweet mandarin confit - not a refreshing and brightly shining citrus bit a glowing one. Soon a lovely rose hip is evident, a note infrequently used in perfumery but quite realistic ...More

    • Prima T by Bruno Acampora

      by Shycat

      It's always fun for me to write a negative review that bucks the trend. You can count on Shycat for her honest opinion. My first impression was citrus and galbanum. The citrus is fleeting. The galbanum is prominent. The musky chypre base take a...More

    • Aqua Wood by Mancera

      by speedracer

      Aqua Wood reminds me of a smoother, less orangey, less aggressive version of Bulgari Aqua Amara. To continue the comparison, the drydown has a sweeter, more powdery feel, but otherwise still similar. Like most Manceras, Aqua Wood has very decent p...More

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