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    • Not a Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun

      by judylindow

      Heartening to see I wasn't just dreaming; that others had similar experiences. I put it on. Nothing. Just a chemical smell. Omg. I got another old perfume? Put more on. More. Then more of a strong smell with a hint of something sort of nice. There's ...More

    • Origino by Jeroboam

      by Darvant

      Origino represents my first approach with the Jeroboam's olfactory "silent" universe. Inhaling a sniff of Origino from my skin is a supremely musky experience quite sophisticated, dark and enigmatic. Burning aromatic candles and cozy salons...More

    • Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

      by rum

      Did someone say lavender? Yes! Lavender is actually a very common note in men's fragrances. As a fan of the fougere accord, I've been wearing scents containing lavender quite a lot - without even knowing it! It was never my intention to wear a lav...More

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