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    • Perfect Oud by Mizensir

      by Constantine

      A surprise and honour to be the first one reviewing this here. This is a gentle clean crystalline Oud on a base of subtle cedar and the barest hint of rose. A masculine masterpiece. Linear and lasts 2-3 hours and skin scent after that for another cou...More

    • Ta by O'Driù

      by drseid

      Ta eschews distinct top notes, instead opening at its early heart with a slightly sweet, strawberry infused melon fruit accord that gradually folds in supporting woody vetiver, relatively sanitized tuberose and powdery oakmoss rising from the base. ...More

    • Wild Pears by Montale

      by rbaker

      The opening is fruity, with melon and coconut is the foreground; in the background a banana impression is evident, with a touch of pineapple added in for good measure. The drydown shifts it a bits towards the floral realm, with some muguet vying...More

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