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    • 10 Crosby Looking Glass by Derek Lam

      by JadainGA

      After a good wear test, I find that this scent gets better and better after several hours. Starts out a bit screechy on my skin, but the tonka in the drydown warms it up and leaves a soft huggable vibe for the rest of the wear. Good longevity and s...More

    • White Sandalwood by Goldfield & Banks

      by Buzzlepuff

      This is a very light elevating sandalwood scent that has the lightness you might expect from a white musk and sandalwood combination. The middle note of rose is very noticeable - a better name might be sandalwood rose. It has a feminine nature but ...More

    • Phileas by Nina Ricci

      by Wild Gardener

      I suppose if you mix bergamot, lemon and green notes with juniper, it could approximate to lime. I say ‘approximate to lime’; and for that, dihydromyrcenol would come in handy, which Good Scents describes as : fresh, citrus, lime, floral, clean, ...More

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