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    • Mon Paris Floral by Yves Saint Laurent

      by speedracer

      A very sweet and pleasing white floral with plenty of fruity, synthetic pear. I get some of the peach too but the pear is quite distinctive. Reminds me of B&BW lotions. The jasmine is clean and provides a little maturity to this otherwise fun an...More

    • Silver Blue by Mancera

      by speedracer

      My first impression of Silver Blue is that it has nothing to do with its name. Nothing metallic or especially blue here. The opening is a bit sharp and cool, so maybe that's where the name fits in. The opening is a mix of light, airy florals wit...More

    • Ultrared by Paco Rabanne

      by rbaker

      Red is in the name, and a redcurrant note is recognisable in the opening blast, and it does portray the red fruit quite nicely. A strawberry that arises a few moments later is quite bland though. The drydown is mainly characterised by a jasmine ...More

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