New: Naomi Goodsir Parfums [News from Pitti]

by Lila Das Gupta, 16th September, 2012

Australian milliner Naomi Goodsir made her perfume debut at Pitti this week, launching two fragrances: ‘Cuir Velours’ and Bois d'Ascèse. Naomi trained in fashion in Sydney, later moving to Paris and collaborating with a number of designers.

Both perfumes have been created by nose Julien Rasquinet, who trained under Pierre Bourdon. He also worked for perfumer Christine Nagel.

Cuir Velours is inspired by ‘velvet skin, a gloved hand’ and is described as an oriental leather/ cuir gourmand. The notes include immortelle, tobacco, rum and Suederol. The perfume was inspired by Naomis love of leather (she also makes bags as well as hats) and her skill as a horsewoman.

Bois d'Ascèse suggests ‘a secluded chapel, blazing dusk, moment of grace, divine smoke, silent cantique.’ Notes include oakmoss, smoked case cade wood, Somali incense, carrot seed, cardamom, Labdanum (from the leaf, not ciste) and a hint of whisky

Nuit de Bakélite is the next release planned , which has been created by Isabelle Doyen from Parfums Annick Goutal.

On show at the stand: An art work by ‘Lemesle &Roubaud’ entitled ‘Trophée de Monsieur Le Nôtre ou la Coupe à la française.

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    • MonkeyBars | 17th September 2012 02:48

      Nuit de Bakelite? A contre-temps to Serge Lutens' Cellophane?

    • Sandy | 7th November 2012 18:03

      I've just read the news that in my country one of the niche-shops has begun carrying this line. I'm investing in the samples, to say the least :) Any opinion?