Marian Bendeth picks up Editoral Award and Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards

by Grant Osborne, 28th April, 2014

Basenotes contributor, Marian Bendeth, picked up an editorial award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards last week for her Basenotes article "Being Led By The Nose." Bendeth also picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award. The full list of winners can be seen below.

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    • Sillage6 | 29th April 2014 02:48

      Congratulations Grant! This is our sixth Editorial Award together and your pictures really made an impact on how people saw this story!

    • michailG | 29th April 2014 08:18

      Congratulations to Marian Bendeth on her recent award. I read her article on basenotes and found it interesting and to the point.

      I am a perfume lover (or I think I am) living in Europe but visiting again Toronto this June. One of the things I look forward to in Toronto is my regular perfume hunts at Winners and Marshalls, and especially those rare occasions when some niche perfume appears. I am very interested in that particular experience - common amongst some of us - of discovering perfumes, purchasing cheaper, trying at home, loving or hating and even doing the unthinkable and returning the unfortunate buys. I know I am not the only one; I can always spot people who like me look intensely and full of anticipation on the perfume stands.

      I remember seeing once an impressively tall man casually “taking” a Chloé eau de perfume for women by just placing it inside his big palm and walking out a central Winners! Still, for less daring people like me the flea market feeling of these outlets, or better the feeling of discovery and perfume bargain hunting is addictive. I have caught myself being addicted to the thrill of purchasing well discounted niche such as L' Artisan Perfumeur fragrances, trying them at home, and in more than one occasions discovering that they had gone off. I don't know if there is anything written about the phenomenon of perfume-love that gets compulsive (in Toronto I once met an inconspicuous man who already in his early 20s had a fridge full of hundreds of perfumes and seemed to know every niche in the market). I think Mrs Bendeth could write very nicely about all of us perfume lovers, especially some of us, who will go to great lengths to get in our hands a niche fragrance that we normally can't afford or actually find.

      Happy and safe finds fellow basenoters!

    • Magic Ketchup | 2nd May 2014 13:49

      Hi, Do you have more information on the Canadian Fragrance Awards? Who organize it and contact info? I appreciate any lead. Thank you!

    • Sillage6 | 3rd May 2014 03:03

      Magic Ketchup,The Canadian Fragrance Awards are run by Cosmetics Magazine and are sponsored by the Canadian Fragrance Industry. There are 2 panels of Judges..I am one on the Fragrance end and the other set are Editorial Judges.

      Our Awards take place in April and every other year (2015) take place in Montreal. Try

      Marian Bendeth