Finalists announced for Basenotes Reader Awards

by Grant Osborne, 30th April, 2014

At the end of last year we invited our readers to vote for their favourite fragrant things of 2013. We are now pleased to announced the finalists for this year's Basenotes Reader Awards:

Best New Women's Fragrance

Best New Men's Fragrance

Best Flanker

Best Niche / Artisanal fragrance

Best Packaging

Best Celebrity Fragrance

Best Online Store

Best Offline Store

Perfumer of the year

House of the year

Women's Hall of Fame

Men's Hall of Fame

Winner's will be announced on Basenotes next week.

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    • adam090273 | 30th April 2014 10:43

      Thanks Grant, looking forward to seeing the winners.

    • rum | 30th April 2014 11:27

      Can we vote on the finalists?

    • kbe | 30th April 2014 14:09

      I am particularly impressed by the Hall Of Fame nominees

    • Grant (article author) | 1st May 2014 10:26

      @rum -- these were the top ones in each vote - the winners are decided.

      @kalli -- it's for packaging rather than scent -- I think the bottle's quite cute!

    • caferacer | 1st May 2014 21:03

      Happy to see that both CdG Black and Fate Man made the cut!

    • prosperonline | 2nd May 2014 22:11

      Hummm, I am glad at least I have some of the Men's Hall of (?): Egoiste, Dior Homme, Habit Rouge and LIDGE, Two Guerlains, not bad ...

    • ION-ONE | 3rd May 2014 12:06

      NICE results. Out of curiosity - what percentage of basenoters voted? what was the total number of votes cast? Wish I could re-cap on what I actually voted, think quite a few of my personal choices make the final cut