More than Bravado: Baxter of California launch Bravado 2 and 3

by Danielle Cooper, 13th March, 2009

Two new scents are to be launched next month under the Baxter of California brand.  Bravado 2 and Bravado 3 are the first fragrances from the brand for 35 years and will launch at Barneys New York stores throughout the US in mid-April.

The original Bravado was launched by company founder Baxter Finley in the early 1970's, but the woody floral has been out of production for over 7 years.  As with the original, the new scents have been created by Belmay.  Current President Jean-Pierre Mastey decided to bring the fragrance back as part of Baxter's expansion into the men's life-style market.  Mastey explains "The word Bravado has an obvious masculine connotation.  It also has historical significance for the Baxter brand."

Bravado 2
has a citrus top note leading through to a floral heart and a vanilla musk base.  Basil and cypress also feature.  Bravado 3 also begins with citrus but includes manadrin specifically, with a lavender middle note and woody musk base notes.  Bergamot and nutmeg are listed as additional notes.

The bottles have been designed by art director Marc Atlan, who co-designed many of the Comme des Garçons bottles as well as producing designs for Helmut Lang and Yves Saint Laurent.  The apparent ink 'splatters' on the bottles are actually achieved through foil application and the box is glue free.  Says Atlan of his design for Bravado "The packaging is unapologetic, radical and absolutely masculine".

The publicity images were captured by Albert Giordan, whose credits include Cartier, Rolex and Comme des Garçons.

Although the fragrances will be available exclusively through Barneys New York initially, they are due to be rolled out to further venues in line with the distribution of the brand's other products.  These include grooming products such as face scrub and clay mask and also a range of scented candles.

Baxter of California has distribution throughout the US and in France, UK, Germany and Japan.  Bravado 2 and Bravado 3 will retail at $80 for 100ml.

Baxter of California was founded in 1965 as "the first company to market skincare products made specifically for men".  The brand can be found at niche barbershops, apothecaries and selected department stores.  For more information visit

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