Acqua di Parma launch Rosa Nobile

by Judith Brockless, 25th July, 2014

Earlier this week Acqua di Parma launched their new fragrance, Rosa Nobile, at the appropriately pale pink Brook Penthouse in Claridges.

Rosa Nobile is the newest fragrance to be added to the house’s ‘Le Nobili’ range: a collection of women’s fragrances inspired, say Acqua di Parma, by the flowers which grow in Italian gardens, the previous fragrances being Iris Nobile, Magnolia Nobile and Gelsomino Nobile. Rosa Nobile has been created by François Demachy and contains rose absolute from a particular variety of centifolia rose that only grows in Italy, chosen for its precious wood and honey accents.

Stephane Euzen, General Manager of Acqua di Parma UK, was on hand to take us through the notes, and he explained that their aim had been to create a light, fresh rose scent.

Rosa Nobile opens with citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin (the individual oils for these were mouth-wateringly good), enhanced by pepper notes. The Italian rose is at the heart of the fragrance, supported by a pretty floral accord of violet, peony and lily of the valley, whilst the base features Virginia cedarwood and an ambergris and musk accord.

Rosa Nobile will be available in Selfridges from next week, followed by a general UK release in September. The line also features a Velvety Body Cream which brings out the green facet of the rose, and contains rice proteins, beeswax, and Vitamin E combined with rose extract.

Stephane tells us that they have high hopes for the fragrance in the UK, as pink perfumes have proved to be very popular here.

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    • gimmegreen | 25th July 2014 18:39

      All well and good - but did you get to try it? And what was it like? (I know you gave us a note breakdown but seems pretty close to the kind of stuff companies put out when they launch something, rather than an experience based review. Maybe you were underwhelmed?)

      The presentation of this is so gorge I feel I should start hyperventilating already!

    • Judith Brockless (article author) | 26th July 2014 23:18

      I did try the fragrance - but it's a news item/report rather than a review, so I wouldn't want to colour it (or any other news) with my opinion; I generally leave my opinion out of it!

      However, small details, such as the 'greenness' of the body cream, are based on having sampled it - Persolaise, who was there at the same time, described the body cream as more 'grassy' than the fragrance, which I agree with. It really is a 'light' and 'fresh' fragrance, and the prettiness of the floral accord was my comment too. Does that help?

      The presentation is, indeed, gorge. :)

    • gimmegreen | 27th July 2014 08:45

      Thank you, Judith. It's one I'll definitely have to try, being such a rose fiend. But not sure I'm looking for yet another light and fresh rose... However, I have been known to eat my words in the past where perfume is concerned.:smiley:

    • Bratsche | 27th August 2014 23:46


      While not unpleasant, I also liked it when it was called "Paris" by YSL.