Demeter launches in UK next week as "Library of Fragrance"

03rd September, 2014

Launching next week* in Boots stores in the UK is The Demeter Fragrance Library, but under a new name of The Fragrance Library. The brand was founded in 1993 by Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable. The pair created true-to-life scents, which evoked the scent of its title (for example, Dirt smelt like dirt, and Gin and Tonic smelt like a gin and tonic). The company was acquired by Freedom Marketing Group in 2002.

The range is being brought to the UK by distributor House of Blend Ltd, who are overseeing all aspects of the brand's UK operations; from sales, finance and retail account management, to marketing, PR and product development.

Over 100 fragrances will be launched including Baby Powder, Gin & Tonic and Fireplace.

The website for The Library of Fragrance is here:

*Demeter has previously been available in the UK but has been absent for several years.

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