Bogue Profumo hits the US

29th September, 2014

Italian perfumery, Bogue Profumo, has been brought to the US by LuckyScent. The online store are now stocking MAAI and Cologne Reloaded – both created by perfumer, and Bogue founder, Antonio Gardoni

LuckyScent describe Cologne Reloaded as:

Cologne Reloaded opens with a sparkling, crisp blend of herbal lavender, green neroli, zesty citrus oils, and juicy tangerine. For a minute, it feels like a classic barbershop fragrance, complete with a light touch of soapy cleanness, but that impression quickly vanishes as blackened leather, tarry birch, castoreum musk, and smoky styrax cut through the notes like a knife. The result is a modern play on aromatics that pits light versus dark, and shower-fresh cleanness versus something a little dirtier. Slowly, Cologne Reloaded turns into a lavender and leather duet, backed by ambered warmth, creamy sweetness, zesty citruses, and velvety musk. Unexpected flourishes of foresty greenness, pine needles, vanilla, licorice, and tonka powder lurk at the edges, while supple suede ripples through the base. In its drydown, Cologne Reloaded recreates the smell of warm skin in a bewitching mix that is simultaneously clean, velvety sweet, musky, a little powdery, golden and fragrant.

and MAAI as:

Maai is a stunning accomplishment in modern perfumery as it marries the very best of old-school chypre glamour and bold animalics with a refined elegance and smoothness. It opens with a burst of incredibly mossy greenness, fused with roses, jasmine, and green tuberose, all sprinkled with a transparent veil of golden, glittering aldehydes. The plush bouquet is mesmerizing in its depth, and harkens back to a time before IFRA/EU regulations, but it’s truly heart-stopping when combined with the animalic elements.

Both fragrances are available now at LuckyScent for $180 for 30ml and $280 for 50ml Eau de Parfum.

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    • lpp | 29th September 2014 19:03

      Well done to all concerned :)

    • Joe_Frances | 2nd October 2014 03:52

      Ordered both from, looking forward to sampling these intriguing fragrances.

    • TNBLUEMIKE | 2nd October 2014 15:47

      Looking forward to sampling these hidden gems from a different era. Luckyscent is a great outlet for us here in the US.

    • drseid | 2nd October 2014 18:42

      I'm very happy to see taking on this great line.

    • mumsy | 2nd October 2014 20:54

      Luckyscent is a gem for you US guys. Brilliant stuff.

    • badarun | 6th October 2014 02:35

      Glad to hear this, a good point of sale for Bogue, but I wish LS doesn't charge so much to ship to Canada (shipping + a customs charge) - if not, I'd be a regular customer.