Basenotes Reader Awards 2015 : Finalists Announced

14th April, 2015

The votes have been counted and the finalists for the Basenotes awards are listed below. We'll be announcing the winners in April. Thank you to all who voted!

Finalists for Best New Fragrance for Women 

Finalists for Best New Fragrance for Men


Finalists for Best New Celebrity Fragrance

Finalists for Best New Fragrance Packaging

Finalists for Best New Flanker

Finalists for Best New Niche / Artisanal Fragrance


Finalists for New House of the Year

For fragrance houses launched in the last five years


Finalists for House of the Year


Finalists for Online Retailer of the Year


Finalists for Perfumery of the Year


Finalists for Perfumer of the Year


Finalists for Hall of Fame (Women)

Finalists for Hall of Fame (Men)

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      • hednic | 17th April 2015 15:48

        Many of mine made the list surprisingly. Looking forward to seeing the winners.

      • Zilpha | 17th April 2015 17:35

        Do we get to vote from the finalists for the winners?

        How are the winners determined?

      • rouj | 17th April 2015 17:44

        Just two categories had my picks in them: Best New Niche Fragrance and Best New House. In those two categories there are so many stellar choices! My personal favorites are Papillon, Bogue, and Masque Milano. Great new houses, such exciting fragrance releases.

      • teardrop | 17th April 2015 23:59

        Yay, seven categories have my picks in them! :) Some worthy candidates for the Hall of Fame in particular. Looking forward to seeing the winners!

      • Grant | 19th April 2015 14:28

        Winners are all determined by which ones had the most votes, which is already counted.

      • Keppy | 21st April 2015 23:42

        Five of my nominees made the list. I hope they win.

      • saminlondon | 22nd April 2015 09:46

        Cuir d'Ange is in the women's category but Cuir Cannage in the men's. Perhaps it's time for a unisex category too?

      • Grant | 22nd April 2015 10:57

        @saminlondon - the categories are technically for "Best fragrances for Men" and "Best fragrances for Women", so it's about the gender of the recipient, rather than the fragrance.

      • Doc Masters | 23rd April 2015 00:50

        I've only tried a few on this list (angel, Jacky). Most are new to me, though I've heard of them before (Fracas, most of the Tom Ford ones....) Thank you for curating my next shopping list, basenotes!

      • nosyneighbor | 15th May 2015 06:54

        The only categories where my nomination didn't make it were best new men and women's and packaging wow! I don't know if they'll all win, but I'm happy my favorites are enjoying such relative popularity. Good luck to them!

      • Joikkari | 18th May 2015 17:01

        Kinda reopening this one since the article said that the winners would be announced in April, it's already half way though May and I'm yet to find the winners. So my question is, has the winners been announced, if so where can I see them?

        Edit: Also there if I remember correctly there was going to be a raffle of some sort for those who voted?

      • Grant | 18th May 2015 23:25

        I'm a bit behind. Should be at end of the week & raffle too