Jimmy Choo Man and Black Opium 'fragrances of the year' at UK Fragrance Foundation Awards

15th May, 2015

Last night at London's The Brewery, The Fragrance Foundation's UK awards were announced in a ceremony presented by Natasha Kaplinksi.

The winners are as follows:

Best Media Campaign

Best Design & Packaging

Best New Fragrance

People's Choice - voted for by Boots customers

Reader's Choice - voted for by Men's Health and Elle Magazine readers

Best Fragrance in Limited Distribution

Best Home Fragrance

  • Jo Malone - Green Tomato Leaf candle

Best Celebrity Fragrance:

Best Independent Perfume

  • Jack by Jack

Perfume Extraordinaire:

Retailer of the Year:

Ultimate Launch:

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      • the_badger | 24th May 2015 22:03

        Not to disparage the perfume, which I seldomly do, but Jimmy Choo Man is really unremarkable in all aspects and generic at best.

      • moharram | 25th May 2015 14:06

        i tried this frag and really i didn't smell anything at all.

      • aterforoshiran | 27th May 2015 16:41

        در نخستین نقد

        خدمت تمام دوستانی که تمایل دارند با زبا ن پارسی نقطه نظر های خود را به اشتراک بگذارند

        این انتخابات در ینگه دنیا توانسته است بهترین های روز دنیا را در یک مراسم خاص به دیگر عاشقان این وسیله جادوئی عرضه واطلاعات همگان را به روز برسانی نمایند وما نیز از این دانش بتوانیم در زمینه انتخاب مد و فرهنگ بهتراستفاده از چراغ جادوئی خود باشیم

      • Kem | 27th May 2015 16:43

        I would agree! I found Jimmy Choo Man is very very underwhelming in it's scent. It didn't have any uniqueness to it and was bland and unimpressive to me.

      • Monsieur Montana | 27th May 2015 17:10

        I am sure it is a great post, but would you please translate?


      • surge | 31st May 2015 02:18

        Interesting -- I was considering buying a full bottle of JCM...I've seen a lot of reviews, it seems to vary between "this is an average frag comparable to Bleu de Chanel" to best frag ever...I think I'll get me a decant :)

      • Dnaforever2203 | 31st May 2015 09:07

        JCM to me was a normal decent smelling frag. Nothing special. Not FBW. Surprised it won this award. Probably based on popularity instead of quality maybe.

      • Marais | 4th June 2015 18:40

        'It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

        It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

        It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

        And that's what gets results'

      • surge | 4th June 2015 18:57

        LOL @ the FSM signature :P

        I just tried JCM today...total Bleu De Chanel ripoff, the commenters were right.

      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 5th June 2015 05:25

        I'm very surprised, thought I might find something new to sample at least but every one on the list here is more negative than positive in reviews.