Fragrance Foundation Award Winners 2015

18th June, 2015

The Fragrance Foundation Awards held last night in New York’s Lincoln Center. The awards were hosted by Alec Baldwin, and attendees were treated to a performance by Bryan Adams.

The winners were as follows:

Packaging of the Year

Media campaign of the Year

Interior Scent Collection of the Year

  • Hermes: Le Parfum de la Maison

Consumer Choice

Fragrance of the Year (Popular)

Fragrance of the Year (Prestige)

Fragrance of the Year (Luxury)

Fragrance of the Year (Independent)

Pefume Extraordinaire

Bath & Body Line

  • Le Bain by Hermes

Hall of Fame

  • John Demsey of Estee Lauder Companies (person)
  • J’Adore (fragrance)

Lifetime Achievement

  • Annie Buzantian
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      • Grant | 18th June 2015 12:56

        Are you using tapatalk?

      • gandhajala | 18th June 2015 13:09

        I'd be very interested to know what the true value of these awards are for the brands involved.

        Can anybody shed some light?

      • Chanel1 | 18th June 2015 19:15

        For context, the best you can probably do is to watch the film Cedar Rapids, and see what the Double Diamond award is all about. Different industry, but pretty much the same thing.

      • gandhajala | 18th June 2015 19:38

        I've never heard of it, but I'll keep an eye out.

        I guess I'm just wondering what a prize actually translates to (if anything) in terms of sales, contracts etc for the fragrance houses.

      • Grant | 18th June 2015 19:45


        Probably very little in terms of sales - The average consumer doesn't know about these awards - though I can imagine it means more for a smaller house, say when Tauer won the independent award in the UK version

      • deadidol | 18th June 2015 23:36

        Do you mean to suggest that Bath & Body Works and Taylor Swift aren't producing award-worthy perfume?


      • hednic | 20th June 2015 20:55

        I would have never imagined that those two would have been voted best in the Popular category for Fragrance of the Year.

      • Sandy | 20th June 2015 21:35

        This Kilian scent has a different bottle from the rest of the line? The others seem to me rather similar...

      • MFfan310 | 24th June 2015 17:02

        The Addictive State of Mind series, including Intoxicated, all have a different keepsake box (chrome-plated metal and wood) and a slightly different bottle (silver cap and different sides).