New Italian line, Jusbox, is inspired by music

09th September, 2016

Jusbox is a new fragrance brand, which draws inspiration from the world of music. Jusbox (the name is a play on juke box) launch with four fragrances, two created by Dominique Ropion and two by Antoine Lie.


Beat Café

Beat Café

Beat Café is inspired by the Bob Dylan and music of the early Sixties. It was created by Dominique Ropion.

The company say:

The Beat Generation composed of a group of authors whose literature explores and influences American culture in the post-World War II era, finds its voice in Bob Dylan’s music. His bluesy melodies tinged with vitality, a rich and direct timbre, spread their message of freedom from the USA to Europe. Poet, writer and underground singer, he starts his career with amazing cafe performances. Back then cafes have become mythical meeting points where the younger generation come together to build a counter culture through music, poetry, politic, literature and fashion. A scent of revolution hangs in the air, saturated with tobacco, spirit and leather, exuded from the couches where this rebel generation sits, imagining a new order till the break of dawn.


Notes for the fragrance include black pepper, coriander seed and fine cognac accord in the head; tobacco, cistus labdanum and black leather make up the heart of the fragrance; and the base contains vetiver, cedarwood and benzoin balm.



14 Hour Dream

14 Hour Dream

14 Hour Dream is inspired by the Pink Floyd and music of the late Sixties.

The company say:

The social revolution gives way to a musical revolution. The end of the sixties is a time for experimenting: instruments, sounds, drugs, sex, travel. Music encounters technology. It’s love at first sight. The psychedelic underground rock is born, on a bed of LSD, throwing the doors of perception wide open. This multi-sensorial never-ending trip of the psychedelic generation, reaches its peak during The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream free speech benefit. Taking place on April 27th 1967 in London, this marathon of music, theatre, dance and poetry, gathers together 40 rock bands. The last one to perform as the sun rises over an ecstatic crowd is Pink Floyd. With rays of light bouncing off the mirrors on Syd Barrett’s guitar as it diffuses its legendary distorted solo, they close the festival in epic style. Not only does Pink Floyd invent a new sound, but their use of images and lighting revolutionizes music shows.

Notes for the fragrance include saffron, vanilla flowers and ginger in the head; a heart of patchouli leaves, orris butter and black pepper abs; and cedarwood, sandalwood and guaiac wood feature in the base notes. The scent was created by Antoine Lie



Micro Love

Micro Love

Micro Love is inspired by the shows put on by bands like U2 and music of the early nineties.

The company say:

The nineties project us into the future. We enter the era of technology. The microchip is king, acting as the heart and brain of all data centres. TV, computers, mobile phones, anything and anyone is instantly accessible in a single click. The channel-hopping generation is born. It consumes information with every breath. A frenzy of images and sound, hard to process. Everything is a matter of balance. Hence the name we have chosen that pays homage to this alliance of humans and technology: Micro Love, complete with its own symbol, a microchip with a heart at the centre.

Dominique Ropion created the scent which contains notes of ozonic accord, crisp apple and neroli in the top; a heart of cinnamon, violet and clary sage; and the dry down features white cedarwood, suede and grey amber.



Use Abuse

Use Abuse

Antoine Lie created Use Abuse, which is inspired by the music of the eighties.

The company say:

The eighties give birth to an individualist and frenetic generation, eager to live life to the fullest. If one word could summarize this era, it would be ‘excess’. It was time to show off your car, your house, your clothes and your body. Capitalism has taken over, imposing its own set of rules: there are none. It’s the triumph of appearance over substance. This consumerist generation uses and abuses pretty much everything, always edging one step closer to overdose. Life has become a stage, a theatre of exuberance. This frenetic generation expects this be reflected in the craziest music shows ever.

Use Abuse contains top notes of white tuberose and mandarin; incense, jasmine sambac and white peony make up the heart of the fragrance; and the base contains sandalwood, opoponax and musk.


The Collection Box
The packaging is a squared, ergonomic bottle: it is a 78 ml in reference to the first phonographic disc that was 78 rpm. The cap is based on a vinyl record, and in the middle you find the colour that marks each fragrance. A rigid soft touch box is similar as shape and opening to a CD box. Inside you will find a leaflet that explains the inspiration and mood of each perfume. Each box is identified through a pattern printed sleeve: the pattern style expresses a modern interpretation of the time the perfume refers to and wants to emphasise the inspiration that to the fragrance.

The fragrances are available now in perfumeries including Selfridges (London), Departmentstore Quartier 206 (Berlin), Ludwig Beck (Munich), 10 Corso Como (Milan) and from the website Each perfume comes as 78ml EdP. Also available is a Collection Box with a 7.8ml of each fragrance (above)

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      • Francolino | 9th September 2016 17:17

        Hope they will make something inspired by Iggy Pop!

      • hednic | 9th September 2016 21:04

        Interesting. Would be interested in smelling them.

      • hednic | 25th October 2016 19:44

        Have any Basenoters tried any of these yet?

      • cazaubon | 9th December 2016 05:47

        The bottles are cute! I just received my sample set, will post my thoughts after I've tried them this weekend.

      • Colin Maillard | 9th December 2016 10:17

        The fragrances don't thrill me, also judging by the parent company who makes them - but kudos for the website, it's fantastic.

      • Kaern | 9th December 2016 12:00

        It helps to have a bullshit gimmick to get a new line in Selfridges

        It's only the juice that is of any interest to me -- only one looks 'masculine' -- I'll give em a go though

      • cazaubon | 11th December 2016 23:52

        Okay, I am testing these today. Here are my impressions:

        Micro Love - aquatic scent, not my favourite category, not super interesting. Slight woodiness under the layer of Calone ozonic smell.

        Beat Café - rather animalic, notes of of minerally earthiness.

        14 Hour Dream - this one is my favourite of the bunch, definitely get the patchouli, some chocolate, some ethyl maltol sweetness.

        Use Abuse - this smells just like Molinard Muscs et Fruits on me. Fruit, musk and ethyl maltol. Pleasant but I already own the Molinard. Perfect for a teenage girl.

        Not sure what the price range is on these but they are very average to me, If the price was low enough I would get 14 Hour Dream just for the bottle.