Villa M and Cuadra are latest fragrances from Paul Schütze

04th December, 2017

Paul Schütze has added two new fragrances to his collection : Villa M and Cuadra. The scents are “the first two fragrances in a series directly inspired by iconic architecture,” says Schütze.

He adds:

“When buildings embrace and celebrate their locations they evolve as extensions of the landscape, transcending mere bricks and mortar they become like physical poetry.

I have always found this completely thrilling and with these two perfumes I want to locate the wearer in the magical zone generated by these exotic structures .”

Villa M

Inspired by Curzio Malaparte’s cliff top home on the island of Capri, Villa M situates the wearer on the sun drenched terrace watching the sea and sky kiss at an azure horizon. Flanked at its back by the island’s lush vegetation and cooled by the salted spray of the sea below, Villa M dreams at the meeting point between land, sky and sea.

Notes include ambergris, cedarwood, cyclamen, hay, mimosa, pink pepper and seaweed.


Invoking the brilliantly hued modernist masterpiece of Mexican architect Luis Barragan: Cuadra San Cristobal, a horse ranch built around geometric reflecting pools and the fountains which feed them. Cuadra is at once exotic and intimate, open yet embracing. Juxtaposing the architect’s hot signature colours with the vast reflected skies of Mexico, Cuadra is passion contained and refined.

Notes include bay, bergamot, coffee, eaglewood, hay, sandalwood, jasmine, oak moss and tobacco.


The two fragrances are available now at Roullier White (UK), Beast (UK). From January 2018, the fragrances will also be available at Liberty.

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      • hednic | 4th December 2017 12:38

        These sound interesting. Wonder if they'll make it Stateside.