Designer Parfums acquire perfume licenses for Cerruti and Playboy

06th June, 2018

UK-based Designer Parfums have acquired the perfume licenses for Playboy, and the Italian fashion brand, Cerruti. Both licenses were previously held by Coty Inc.

Cerruti, was founded in 1957 and entered the fragrance market in partnership with Unilever with its eponymous debut scent in 1979.

"Cerruti scents have always been a major category for Nino Cerruti, opening the way for hugely successful fragrances in the past 40 years. In partnership with Designer Parfums, we look forward to continuing to build on Cerruti' s strong legacy as a leading lifestyle brand," said Laurent Grosgogeat, Cerruti 1881 executive VP.

Playboy began its foray into fragrance in 1990 with a scent in partnership with EHP. The license was later held by Milton-Lloyd and was picked up by Coty in 2008, where over 20 Playboy scents have been launched in the last ten years.

"We are pleased to be adding Playboy to the Designer Parfums collection of brands. Playboy is an iconic American lifestyle brand with a rich and storied legacy," said Dilesh Mehta, chairman and CEO of Designer Parfums. "Our goal is to build on the brand's fundamental principle of freedom, always pushing boundaries and appealing to a new generation of playful explorers as we build for future growth."

Designer Parfums other licenses include Jean Patou, Jennifer Lopez, Ghost and Porsche

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      • hednic | 6th June 2018 15:26

        Interesting. Cerruti seems to have been shuffled about over the years.

      • Oviatt | 6th June 2018 16:19

        I hope that they maintain the Cerruti stable that they have--I am sure that there will be adding new scents, but there are some great ones already, including the Sport one shown in the ad (I want some of those snazzy designer hand wraps--Everlast just has black or white! Or is that a repp tie he is using?).

      • Paradeiserl | 6th June 2018 17:36

        Oh my goodness!

        SA Designer Parfums in Watford, UK is not necessarily known to produce high quality perfumes.

        One to two celebrities scents ... and a famous car maker?

        As a completely negative example the perfumes from Aigner Parfums. License bought 2012 from Puig, Spain

        Since March 2017, the website of is offline!

        Can such a thing be in the interest of selling perfume?

        And why did Coty Cerutti and Playboy get the licenses?

      • epapsiou | 6th June 2018 18:04

        They also messed up Worth and Patou.

        It will be really hard to mess up Playboy and current Cerruti but I am sure they will try their best.

      • Paradeiserl | 6th June 2018 18:49

        You so right, epapsiou!

        And Jean Patou disappeared in 2014!

        Francesco Smalto in 2015!

        Both not updated and there still displayed in Basenotes Parent Directory.

      • epapsiou | 7th June 2018 14:51

        I thought they are still around. Just churning out swill.

        Or did they completely cease producing Patou?