Flocked & Gilded is latest scent from Euphorium Brooklyn

14th December, 2018

Flocked & Gilded
Euphorium Brooklyn's latest fragrance is Flocked & Gilded. Perfumer, Stephen Dirkes, told us that "I've been working on this amber accord for about a year now and it began as a bespoke commission that I started to fall in love with."

Flocked & Gilded contains notes of blood orange, mandarin, geranium and labdanum in the top; heart notes include honey, cocoa, cream, vanilla, amber and tobacco; and the dry down features benzoin, gurjun balsam, patchouli, vetiver and musk.

Flocked & Gilded is available now at the Euphorium Brooklyn website.

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      • hednic | 16th December 2018 22:51

        It does sound interesting.

      • Juxtapozbliss | 16th December 2018 22:56

        I agree...I like this house.

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      • Diamondflame | 17th December 2018 07:52

        Kinda hoping to see... Tarred and Feathered, next?

      • Juxtapozbliss | 17th December 2018 17:29

        What the flock?

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      • thrilledchilled | 17th December 2018 18:03

        ordered. Thanks! This is the kind of house that I really enjoy.