New animals for Zoologist: Dodo and Chameleon

by Judith Brockless, 31st January, 2019

This Spring sees two new fragrances from Zoologist - following the scent trails of Two Islands, Chameleon and Dodo.


Like the luminescent skin of a reptile, fiery scales of sunlight ripple across the surface of the Indian Ocean, fading slowly to gold and finally sapphire as the sun sinks and disappears. The sea exhales, its gentle tide caressing the beach of an island paradise. The salty breath combines with the narcotic aromas of the ylang and frangipani trees in an intimate kiss, sending shivers through the branches. Something stirs – an eye pivots, a tail grips a slender bough. Will the creature vanish among the leaves, or flirt with a daring display of colour? No one knows. The secrets that lie beneath the skin of the chameleon keep Madagascar guessing.

Created by perfumer Daniel Pescio, Chameleon’s notes include ylang ylang, mango, star fruit, violet leaf, clove, coconut, frangipani, jasmine, saffron, a salty skin accord, amber, patchouli, opoponax, sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver. As ever with Zoologist, the artwork is impressive - and this particular bottle sports a holographic label.


The sun sparkled across rippling waves, its morning dance upon the Indian Ocean rousing the dodos from their carefree slumber. Stumbling drunkenly from their nests, the birds waddled through the sea of luscious ferns that carpeted the forest floor, to feast on fat, ripe berries. For generations, the island paradise of Mauritius nurtured the dodos, its predator-free and bountiful shores lulling them into a state of such complacency that even their wings grew idle, and flight was lost – even to memory. Ultimately their evolution would betray them cruelly, but while it lasted, the dodos enjoyed an existence marked by ease and comfort.

Zoologist Dodo, created by Joseph DeLapp and described as a ‘peculiar fougère’, has notes of fern, lime, lychee, raspberry, ambergris, fir balsam, geranium, rose - and its base features, amongst other things, ‘feathery musk’.

Chameleon and Dodo will be available for Spring 2019.

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      • hednic | 2nd February 2019 19:00

        Need to remember to request these as free samples with my next purchase with the retailer I shop with that carries this house.

      • Starblind | 13th February 2019 02:52

        Chameleon sounds somewhat intriguing, although maybe a bit too fruity for me.

      • Scarce | 13th February 2019 19:16

        Well, 3 new ones in 2018 (Hyrax, Moth, Tyrannosaurus Rex) and these 2 so far for 2019.

      • Diamondflame | 15th February 2019 09:44

        I wouldn’t worry though. They are all crafted by different but equally talented perfumers yet unified by a singular albeit whimsical house theme.