Two new travel sets from Kilian

by Judith Brockless, 16th August, 2019

By Kilian has introduced two new themed travel sets, the ‘Narcotics’ and the ‘Cellars’, both available now.

The Kilian fragrance opus is presented as a cocktail menu across four olfactive families: The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars, and The Smokes. Together, they define founder and creative director Kilian Hennessy’s signature taste in perfume.

The Narcotics set

The Narcotics features structures of scent that go overboard to flood the senses with intensity, to transport us above and beyond ourselves. They particularly exploit the addictive side of florals, revealing their extremes between light and dark.

The Narcotics Travel Set contains four fragrances: Good Girl Gone Bad, Love, Don’t be Shy, Woman in Gold and Moonlight in Heaven.

Hennessy says:

One of my earliest childhood memories is going into the Hennessy family cellars in Cognac. There is a very strong woodsy, vanilla smell that is a combination of the oak barrels with the sugar of the spirits.

The Cellars Travel Set contains: Black Phantom ‘Memento Mori’, Gold Knight, Intoxicated and Straight to Heaven, White Crystal.

Both sets retail at £130, for four vials of 7.5mls.

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      • Danny Mitchell | 25th September 2019 19:22

        I didn't realize until now that it's the same family as the Hennessey Cognac? Interesting.

      • Mr. Prince | 25th September 2019 20:31

        Yes, interesting indeed. I enjoy a lot of his offerings.

      • hednic | 25th September 2019 21:08

        Didn't know these were being offered. Interesting.

      • Danny Mitchell | 17th October 2019 14:42

        I guess it makes sense, then, that a lot of their frags are supposed to smell like booze, lol