Floris launch unisex fragrance: Vert Fougère

09th September, 2019

Perfumer Nicola Pozzani and Floris company director, Edward Bodenham have collaborated to created the latest unisex fragrance for Floris: Vert Fougère.

Vert Fougère contains notes of galbanum, grapefruit and bergamot in the top; lavender, neroli and ginger feature in the heart; and the dry down features patchouli, amber, cashmere wood, cedarwood and smoke accord.

Bodenham says:

“Over the past 5 years at Floris, I’ve been focussed on creating a perfume team that embraces the artisanal heart of Floris’s perfumery heritage, but finds new boundaries and ways of achieving the success of my perfumery ancestors. This DNA is built on getting as close as possible to our customers and creating scents I feel get to the heart of expressing who they are.

The pressures of 21st century life pull your attention in every direction; family, business, style, life responsibilities, friendship and current affairs. With the expectation of you excelling in each, creating fragrances that express feeling is essential to me. I wanted to reflect the very soul of Floris in this fragrance and in my journey to do so, I have worked closely with our perfumer Nicola Pozzani to come to the final version of Vert Fougére,”

Vert Fougère is available now as 100ml for £120.

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