Providence Perfume get Drunk on the Moon

30th October, 2019

Drunk on the Moon
Drunk on the Moon is the latest fragrance created by Charna Ethier for her company, Providence Perfume Co.

Notes include tuberose, rose, nutmeg, opoponax, peach and sandalwood

The fragrance is named after the 1974 Tom Waits song of the same name, and is described as "A voluptuous buttery tuberose eau de Parfum with exotic spiced fruits and a velvet cream sherry base.  A big sexy spiced white floral scent with fruity boozy notes."

Drunk on the Moon is available now as 1.7 fl. oz atomiser or 5ml rollerball.

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      • hednic | 12th December 2019 02:30

        Was hoping to hear others' impressions

      • lilacdays | 4th February 2020 20:46

        Drunk on the Moon is probably the most well-executed Tuberose fragrance that I've recently have encountered.

        I'm a sucker for tuberose fragrances and if there's a new tuberose on the block, more sooner than later I'm going to be sniffing it.

        After realizing this one was on the Best of 2019 list from a few beloved perfume writers, I knew I had to put my hands on it. And I'm so glad I did it.

        When you first smell it, the first impression is that it is actually very very different from many other Tuberose centered fragrances.

        Firstly, it is the nutmeg that intoxicates you. A spicy nutmeg. But right after, there is a luminous, smooth and creamy tuberose, followed by something very fruity/floral and addictive. In the drydown, the opopanax and sandalwood embrace the tuberose and fruity notes and makes everything very buttery.

        For me this perfume is absolutely intoxicating, one that it will be hard to live without.