Chanel announce new No.5 face, and additional products in Chance line

06th March, 2020

Chanel has announced that Marion Cotillard will be the face of the new advertising campaign for its iconic No.5 fragrance. This marks a first for the French actress who has not fronted a fragrance campaign to date. The company have also launched hair oil and perfumed pencils in their Chance line.

On the new No.5 face, The brand say "She has been faithful to the Chanel House since the beginning of her career, walking the red carpet in Chanel for the Jean-Pierre Jeunet film A Very Long Engagement in 2004 and Olivier Dahan’s La Vie en rose in 2008...Authentic, committed and generous, Marion Cotillard takes her unique perspective from film to film, creating an exceptional destiny as a free woman."

The new campaign will be unveiled later this year.

Earlier this year Chanel introduced two new limited edition, travel-friendly ways to wear their fragrance Chance. Chance Perfume Pencils and Chance Eau Tendre Hair Oil hit shelves on January 10th 2020.

Including three flanker fragrances alongside the original, the pencils are available in Chance, Chance Eau Fraiche, Chance Eau Tendre and Chance Eau Vive. The dispensers feature a retractable tip to apply directly to the skin.

The floral-fruity fragrance of Chance Eau Tendre is also now available as a hair oil. The brand describes this latest offer as a "new way to fragrance...enriched with jojoba oil [which] leaves the hair soft, shiny and light." The oil is designed to be applied directly to hair.

Chance Perfume Pencils are available in 1.2g and retail at £65.00 whilst Chance Eau Tendre Hair Oil is available in 35ml and retails at £55.00.

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      • ClockworkAlice | 6th March 2020 13:10

        Marion Cotillard is a wonderful actress and I'm glad she's a new face for Chanel No.5. She has that seemingly effortless elegance in her.

      • hednic | 6th March 2020 14:38

        It is entirely appropriate to choose Marion Cotillard as the face for No. 5. Wonderful choice!

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 6th March 2020 16:06

        Yes, the first time I became aware of her was her performance in "Allied" with Brad Pitt. She was really, really good. Not many could pull off that role, much less look so great doing it!

        Yes! I love this choice. A great match!

      • PStoller | 6th March 2020 16:57

        Perfect match. Cotillard would be ideal casting as Coco.

      • Kitty2Shoes | 6th March 2020 23:08

        I'm really liking that perfume companies are branching out into perfume hair oils.

      • PStoller | 7th March 2020 01:46

        It depends at which age Chanel is portrayed. Chanel between the wars, Cotillard. Chanel the Nazi spy, Huppert.

      • Danny Mitchell | 9th March 2020 03:06

        Is Margot Robbie still ambassador? Is Cottilard replacing her?

      • ClockworkAlice | 9th March 2020 04:54

        Margot Robbie is for Gabrielle - Marion is for No.5, at least that's how I understand it.

      • Anamandy | 25th April 2021 05:02

        Oh boy, I must be really getting old. I don't even know who this is. She is very pretty though and I'm sure she'll be perfect for Chanel.