Acqua di Parma launch "environmentally-friendly" Colonia Futura

06th August, 2020

Colonia Futura
Colonia Futura is the latest fragrance by Acqua di Parma, and as well as containing 99% natural ingredients, the packaging, according to Acqua di Parma has been "designed in accordance with an environmentally-friendly format".

The bottle's cap has been made of recycled and recyclable plastic instead of the brand's usual bakelite one. The fragrance dispenser can be removed to make the bottle easier to recyle, and the label is made of scrap dust from marble quarries. The box is made from FSC certified cardboard.

Colonia Futura

Colonia Futura contains notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and pink pepper in the top; heart notes include lavender and sage; and the base contains vetiver.

As well as Eau de Cologne, the fragrane is available as Shampoo and Shower Gel (200ml), Stick Deodorant (75g), Spray Deodorant (150ml)


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      • PrinceRF | 6th August 2020 16:32

        I like the idea. I wonder how it compares to the original Colonia, and how it performs.

      • rum | 6th August 2020 17:45

        Would be good if more companies in the beauty sector could come up with ideas like this and put them into practice.

        That said, I too wonder what the smell will actually be like.

      • checkmate | 6th August 2020 19:36

        Which store had it to sample? I checked on this at a local Sephora and was told that it was only available online. One of my friends is an ADP fan and made me aware of the release.

        The note profile sounds ok, but there’s no telling how something is going to come together just by the notes. What didn’t you like about it? Lack luster ingredients? Questionable blending?

        I appreciate your time :)

      • hednic | 6th August 2020 22:14

        I sampled it from a business associate who bought it online. I just found it boring, and poorly composed with weak performance.

      • OldSchoolScents | 7th August 2020 00:32

        Aww damn. I'll still sample it eventually when I get up the nerve to go into a store again, but I won't be holding my breath.

      • checkmate | 7th August 2020 04:44

        Sounds like a dud... I trust your nose hednic and if you’re saying it ain’t much, I’m betting I’m going to be of a similar mindset,

        I appreciate your time and response.

      • hednic | 7th August 2020 06:01

        I would suggest you try it if you have a chance and judge for yourself. My taste is often very different than others.

      • Scents And Sense | 13th August 2020 21:49

        Concept is cool. I'll probably be trying this once everything clears up.

      • woodnotes55 | 22nd August 2020 00:55

        Understand the recycling bit but it seems like the "removable" part means it will be very easy to swap the juice out. For those of us that like ADP at less than retail/secondhand that's not a good thing......

      • ILikePeeps | 31st December 2020 22:31

        So far, I love it! Tested it recently, bottle just arrived today.

        Very nice stuff, doesn't seem poorly composed at all, IMO.