Chanel add L'Eau Privée to Coco Mademoiselle line-up

31st August, 2020

Olivier Polge has created Chanel's latest fragrance, Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée. The scent is described as "a light oriental for the night."

Notes for the fragrance include orange in the head; jasmine and rose make up the heart of the fragrance; and the base contains musk.

"With L'Eau Privée I wanted to create a light and delicate version of Coco Mademoiselle, imagining a night fragrance like a soft and sensual veil." says Polge

Kiera Knightley

Actress Kiera Knightley returns as the face of the fragrance.

Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée is available now as 50ml and 100ml sizes.

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      • Scents And Sense | 1st September 2020 02:08

        Not a fan of Oliver Polge, but will probably try this one. I really liked the original, so I'm interested to see how this one turns out.

      • MidnightRainbow | 14th October 2020 01:42

        Tried this, and loved it! The citrus is turned up, and the patch is either gone, or turned way down. Sillage and longevity, of course are not as big as org. Coco Mad edp, edt, etc. Also, this new one is not an edp or edt, it's a mist/edc, per the Chanel sales associate. Never the less, it's fabulous, and on my want list.

      • hednic | 14th October 2020 02:03

        My granddaughter might be interested in this one.

      • annam_almeida | 19th November 2020 14:35

        and how long did it last for you? I heard this new version wasn't lasting so much, but I'm gonna buy it anyways lol x

      • Kiliwia | 20th November 2020 04:13

        I bought it and it's very nice, I thought the longevity was pretty good.

      • ClockworkAlice | 20th November 2020 13:30

        I tried it and it smells very nice, brighter and citrusier than other Coco Mademoiselles, but not as extra tart/dry as EDT, it's milder and softer.

        Alas, on me it was VERY short-lived - but I have that problem with all Coco Mademoiselle line, I guess I'm just partly anosmic to some components in them as I either smell them all very faintly or just stop smelling them all rather quickly, and it seems like other people experience this line differently.

        (Well, Intense stays longer and stronger on me, but that's because of the patchouli, and I stop smelling all the other parts quickly, too. I almost can't smell Zen by Shiseido and any citrusy tops by L'Erbolario although I love most citrusy fragrances, so probably some kind of anosmia or overload and nose shut-off for some accord, aromachemical or natural material is here on my part.)