Playboy want you to Make the Cover

09th November, 2020

Playboy have launched a new fragrance duo: Make the Cover for Her and Him. The scents are said to "break conventions and challenge perceptions."

Make the Cover for Her
Make the Cover for Her is has been created by Givaudan perfumer Roxanne Kirkpatrick The fragrance features top notes of bergamot, peach and pineapple; rose, lily of the valley and jasmine feature in the heart; and the base contains cedarwood, ambrofix and sandalwood.

Make the Cover for Him

Make the Cover for Him includes green apple, bergamot and cardamom in the head; a heart of lavandin water and violet leaves; and the base contains tonka bean, amber and patchouli. The perfumer is Fabrice Pellegrin of Firmenich.

Playboy Fragrances say: "You don’t need to look like a model to Make the Cover. Do what you want, say what you want, act how you want – be true to yourself. Appearance, gender, and sexuality no longer restrict how you choose to express yourself and who can make it to the top. Be bold, be you!"

The fragrances are accompanied by a promotional images and film shot by Nadia Lee Cohen, and features Victoria Jancke, Erik Bragg, Richie Shazam and Sarah Cummings. The campaign "playfully challenges outdated notions of how society defines beauty."

In the UK the fragrances are available exclusively at Superdrug and available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

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      • Kaern | 9th November 2020 16:27

        Same masc perfumer who created Bracken Man and Bois Dore

        I bet his brief was less complicated here --- '..... yeah, just a bog standard freshie, please....'

      • VCAPH | 9th November 2020 20:37

        Sounds like something I might like , in the UK its only available through one outlet , a certain pharmacy chain. Will check it out when testers come in

      • rogalal | 11th November 2020 06:30

        No one's going to comment on THE WORST WIGS IN THE HISTORY OF HAIR on the ad???

      • | 11th November 2020 14:55

        Yeah, those are pretty egregious.

        They should have just called both scents "Bandwagon".

      • alexmate | 13th November 2020 11:46

        I've tried some of the Playboy deodorants and honestly they're OK. These are by talented perfumers, but not for me I'm afraid.

      • Anamandy | 25th April 2021 04:57

        Why do they have a little boy making out with a woman? That looks like a teenage boy. Is there an underlying message in that ad?