Chandler Burr Scent Dinner Videos

by Grant Osborne, 07th June, 2010

Chandler Burr has released two videos of his scent dinners on Vimeo. Both can be seen below. The first video is at the Four Seasons on E 52nd Street, where perfume critic Chandler Burr, Executive Chef Fabio Trabocchi, and Givaudan perfumer Yann Vasnier created an eight-course scent dinner. The dinner was composed of two menus. One was olfactory, created by Burr working with Vasnier, and guests consumed it by smelling gourmand perfumes – among them Lola and Fig Splash by Marc Jacobs, Verveine by James Heeley, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent — and the scent raw materials (coffee and vanilla absolutes, lychee accords, lime expressions) used to create them. The other was gustatory, each of Trabocchi’s courses reflecting in flavors Burr’s invisible scent courses.

The second video was in collaboration with Lawrence Klang at Nathalie’s, in Camden ME.

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    • Nymphaea | 10th June 2010 20:19

      This was a fabulous idea and one which should become a gourmet trend in the future. All truly sensual people would appreciate this kind of experience. This would be wonderful included in honeymoon package vacations!