Thierry Mugler invites us to try 'The Taste of Fragrance'

by Grant Osborne, 30th June, 2011

A new range of limited edition Thierry Mugler fragrances entitled Le Goût du Parfums (The Taste of Fragrance) will be available this autumn. The range features Angel, Amen, Alien and Womanity each with a new food inspired twist.

Pierre Aulas, Mugler’s olfactory artistic director says that they have added a different “Taste Enhancer” to each of the four original fragrances - in the same way that a chef would add salt or spice to enhance a meal. Mugler perfumers worked with leading Michelin Star chef, Hélène Darroze to create the new olfactory recipes.

Aulus adds “Traditionally the perfume concentrate contains all the fragrance components and is aged in steel vats for a given time to ensure that it is thoroughly blended. For our project, the concentrate and “taste enhancer” were placed in separate vats to age for a few weeks. That way, each concentrate was preserved and assembled only at the solution phase, when alcohol is added to dilute the concentrate in the desired proportion. The complete solution, combining both fragrance and enhancer, then macerates to obtain the final juice”.

Angel has been ‘magnified’ with bitter cocoa powder; Amen, with hot chili pepper paste, Alien with salted butter caramel and Womanity with fig chutney.


Aulas described the adding of bitter cocoa powder to Angel as being similar to when a chocolatier rolls a truffle in cocoa powder at the end. “Blended into the original formula, bitter cocoa ... exalts Angel’s gourmand notes, making them intensely voluptuous.”


Aulas tells us that the chili addition to A*Men was actually inspired by a certain trademarked chili sauce in a red and green bottle - the chili “awakens the power of the roasted coffee [in the original Amen] and brings out spicy notes to inflame the wood.


The salted butter caramel addition to Alien was inspired, says Aulus, by the adding salt and honey to the juices from cooking meat in a pan. “turning Alien’s amber tones into deliciously Velvety notes


Womanity has the addition of Fig Chutney to compliment the original fresh fig, and “heightening the savory note of the caviar with a bouquet of spices”

All are available this Autumn.

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    • Candy Perfume Boy | 30th June 2011 14:07

      I'm a very excited for all of these. Alien with salted butter caramel sounds like it's going to be amazing.

    • queen_sheba | 30th June 2011 16:11

      Meh. I'm not a Mugler fan at all - this was a few years ago though so should try them again with a more informed nose. Gourmand isn't my thing really :grin:

    • Francop | 30th June 2011 23:05

      I do really look forward to these new scents...mmm...:coolold:

    • jcastano | 1st July 2011 08:54

      A*Men sounds very unappealing. Chili in the notes sounds like too much. I can't imagine what that'll smell like. The rest of them sound like they'll be a nice sniff, especially Angel since I'm a sucker for cocoa, but this gimmick itself is a bit on the extreme side. We'll see how it turns out I guess.

    • CoL | 1st July 2011 21:35

      They all sound rather exciting! :cheesy:

    • Sybarite | 2nd July 2011 20:01

      Well "Mugler" (& his team) does have a knack for exactly this sort of thing. I'm pretty sure they're going to be wonderful ... (or at the very least interesting !)

    • scentimus | 3rd July 2011 16:58

      my stomach just went a little queasy with the thought of chili paste mixed in AMen.... we will have to see. the bottle looks like a recycle of BMen.

      I do wish that Mugler would move onto a new brand name and concept for a men's fragrance the AMen thing is being beaten to death.

    • Grant (article author) | 4th July 2011 15:18

      Yes. Those are the bottles. The boxes are black and have imagery of the food item on them.

    • d4N13L | 4th July 2011 15:42

      Wow, Angel Men with Chilli, sounds veeeery interesting, Angel Woman souds even more delicious and womanity irresistible.

      But Alien, with salty butter caramel?? ts salty, like peanut butter??

      Not so much promissing! I hate salty scents!

    • anotherlemontree | 4th July 2011 23:14

      I agree that these sound fascinating, if a little sickly :shocked: Buuuuut wouldn't it be even more exciting to have a brand new fragrance, instead of yet another stream of flankers? :undecided:

    • Nukapai | 5th July 2011 13:06

      I think this sounds like fun! Possibly a bit sickly, but on the other hand - Mugler does generally do well with this type of thing. Agreed that it would be even more exciting to see a new scent but they've only just launched Womanity, so let's give them some time to come up with a new concept. Maybe the next one will be "Blokety". :rolleyesold:

    • funhuntr | 6th July 2011 15:24

      As if A*Men isn't powerful enough ;) Interesting though. I'm giving in to the limited edition pre-hype ;)

    • theconnection | 8th July 2011 05:45

      Nothing wrong with the gourmand notes in Thierry Muglers branded creations however on a biased and personal note I often find them so gourmand that I can't wear them when hungry LOL

    • knit at nite | 9th July 2011 23:20

      It would be really nice if these are made available in a coffret of smaller sizes. Even if I loved all of them, I can't imagine needing FBs.

    • humptydumpty | 11th July 2011 12:24

      Like the idea of chilli chocolate, but the only chilli I know with any decent fragrance is Habaneros, something like tobago seasoning pepper would make an awesome scent

    • odioustoilet | 22nd July 2011 07:28

      [SIZE="7"]I could go for some burger and fries scent. Burger King came up with "[SIZE="1"]Flame" wonder what that's like.:wink:

    • d4N13L | 7th August 2011 01:54

      Any info about the release date?

    • mccsmart | 15th September 2011 02:13

      Hi guys. I heard that these are to be released on the 3rd October.

      I've got the A*men chili, and I really like it.

      It's very hard to explain the smell. In a way it isn't as in your face as the "normal" A*men, though does smell of chili. The chili isn't overpowering. It reminds me of bitter chocolate with chili, like the stuff Lindt do, but with a coffee aroma and a dash of Angel. The sharp chocolate, coffee and chili die down after a few hours and a sweet vanilla comes through.

      Boxes are different. Loads of languages on them. Some somewhat tacky graphics, as on the lid there is a "spray" icon (OOPS! I now think it's a nose!), a mouth and a knife & fork. Plus it says "do not drink"!

      The bottle is the standard A*men design rubber 100ml. The star is red glass, like B*men was, though the rubber is black (where the B*men case was olive green.

    • Jukkie | 2nd October 2011 15:36

      I had no idea about these until my Nephew told me he bought one from House Of Frazer yesterday.

      Went there myself today, tried the A*Men tester, and immediately bought 4 bottles.

      It's hard to explain, if you compare it to standard A*men, all the same notes are there but it's not as overpowering, and the added Chili note is noticable, giving it a lovely spicyness. I definitely prefer this to standard A*Men.

      The Alien flanker is also very nice, don't be put off by the mention of salt, you can barely notice it (if at all). The added creaminess comes through nicely and it very pleasant.

      Womanity is gorgeous, sweeter and sexier than ever, would buy this for my wife... if I had one.

      The Angel is chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. I actually think they went a bit over the top, the usual Angel notes barely come through all that cocoa powder.

    • Akahina | 17th October 2011 03:51

      I saw "A*Men A Taste of Fragrance" at Nordstrom's yesterday, smelled it on paper and thought, "WOW! That's really nice and very different." I carried that strip around for half an hour and witnessed the pepper come forward. Really nice. Chocolate and pepper are good together! I went back and of the six bottles they got and had when I sampled it there were five left. I bought one and wore it today, just one spray. I have to say that my first impression on wearing this there is not as much pepper as I smelled on paper, but the pepper is there. A lovely fragrance and one I will review at a later time after several wearings. My first Mugler and one I am very happy to have.

    • Andrewthecologneguy | 26th October 2011 15:49

      Tried this myself and this is a must have. What everyone is saying thus far is right: not as heavy as A*Men, the chili is not overpowering either. Me like!

    • indianwells | 22nd December 2011 16:52

      This is very nice indeed. A*Men I just can't get on with, the drydown is nice but that opening kills me. With Taste Of Fragrance it is much more toned down, and ultimately more wearable. I love Pure Havane but it is extremely strong so you have to apply lightly.

      TOF has the best of both worlds with a softer opening and a nice chilli/chocolate mid section without me having to worry about knocking out those around me. I haven't tried Pure Malt (missed the boat on that one) but of all the A*Men series I think this just may be my favourite.

      I do like Thierry Muglers A*Men line, I think it's a lot of fun, and that is how I shall use them. I just can't take them too seriously, if I want to impress, whether in a business or social situation then I just wouldn't consider any of them. That's not to denigrate them, they do have their place, and Mugler has tapped very succesfully into that market.