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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana for a walk in the mountains with my girlfriend - it was a hot day and I wanted to retain a fresh scent and it works well to that end.

  2. Re: Looking for the Best Classic Amber Perfumes: Help!

    I can also recommend Azzaro pour Homme Amber Fever. It has been recently discontinued but is still available at some online retailers at a reasonable price.

    It's quite a simple fragrance,...
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    Re: Upload official image

    So why the pessimism regarding whether this will happen? I'm guessing that it's based on experience.

    As a relatively new user of the site I can honestly say that it has some great features...
  4. Re: Looking for the Best Classic Amber Perfumes: Help!

    I wore Amber Oud by Trussardi a lot last autumn/winter. Some say that it's too synthetic by I have to say that it's a fragrance I enjoy.

    Royal Amber by S.T. Dupont is a good linear fragrance...
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