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  1. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    I always enjoy Sebastian, and Robes08, as I feel they are on point with the more dark and heavy Scents. Which are what I gravitate too.
    Also I have to mention Mr Smelly. I love Gent Scents too. ...
  2. Re: Similarities between interlude man and Tom ford tobacco oud

    Well just smelt Tobacco Oud, for the first time, and I thought to myself before seeing this.... After about 30mins it reminded me of something, then it came to me..... It reminded me of Interlude....
  3. Re: What is the most unique fragrance in your collection?

    Not for everyone but I love the uniqueness and I don't really find it challenging to wear.... However I don't use it to any situation, have to think about when to apply this one.
  4. Re: What is the most unique fragrance in your collection?

    Ooooh well... Just thinking...
    This has to go to the Blue Beast
    Interlude Man.. So unique to my collection.
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    Re: Lets talk about Compliments

    This is totally down to your whole presentation.
    I do receive compliments.... Maybe one or two a week. As for over spraying, you need to understand the performance of each Frag.
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    Re: post your top 3 longevity frags

    Tom Ford.... Tuscan Leather, this lasts around 11to 12 hours on my skin. Amouage Beech Hut, this lasts and doesn't give up until way after 10hrs+ on my skin. Montale Red Aoud,.... This lasts over...
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